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High performance sport and active lifestyle
sunglasses for the outdoor enthusiast.
Urban element
Fashion forward collection of lifestyle and sport sunglasses for the modern woman.
Peeps utilizes a patented, innovative molecular
carbon based formula to clean all types of lenses.
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All you need to choose the perfect pair of Urban Element or Atmosphere sunglasses is your face shape and the recommendations from our styling team.

Follow the directions below to determine your face shape and then shop our recommendations to find a pair that...

Why Every Person Who Owns A Pair Of Glasses Also Needs To Own CarbonKlean’s Peeps
Do you own a pair of glasses? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be when your lenses are covered with fingerprints. You likely also know that no matter how much you scrub away with your shirt (this is not the proper way to clean your eyeglasses, yet...