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All of our sunglasses offer a lifetime warranty against defects for the life of the product purchased



100% UV Protection

UV or ultraviolet light radiation is part of the invisible light spectrum that falls between 100 and 380 nanometers [nm]. UV light is divided into three ranges UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. The range below 280 nm is not considered a threat because most of it is filtered out by the earth’s protective ozone layer.

Prolonged exposure to high range UV-A and UV-B radiation can cause significant eye damage ranging from discomfort to long term vision problems such as cataracts. While clouds can block much of the visible light, nearly 80% of the invisible UV radiation can still reach your eyes. Lighter tint lenses do let more “visible”light into the eye; which is harmless, but lighter tinted lenses can still filter out 100% of the “invisible” UV light.

All of our lenses (including clear) meet or exceed the U.S. Government and FDA ANSl Z80.3 standards for impact resistance and UV protection. All lenses filter out 100% of the dangerous UV light up to the maximum 400 nanometers.

Polarized Lens Technology

Polarized lenses have an invisible horizontal filter integrated into the lens which is designed to eliminate reflected (polarized) light. This polarized light is more commonly referred to as glare. When sunlight is reflected off a surface, it becomes concentrated and even more intense. Polarized lenses filter out 99.9% of this reflected glare. Recommended for bright sun and variable light conditions. Lens performance is fully maximized on/or around water.

Polycarbonate lens resin

This Optical grade resin is used to produce the most impact resistant lenses on the planet. Our Polycarbonate lenses exceed the FDA ANSI Z80.3 standards for shatter resistance. These lightweight, superior strength lenses make them the perfect choice for active lifestyles.

Nickel Silver Alloy

Nickel silver alloy is the standard for metal frame materials in the optical industry. It is chosen for its overall durability. Visioncorp uses 18% nickel silver alloy in all its metal frames and incorporates a nickel-free coating to comply with the CE (European) sunglass standards.

BR: Adjustable Bridge Rest

Our fully adjustable alloy bridge component includes Tactilite™ rubber bridge rests. This performance combination provides a customizable fit, as well as improved security and comfort during aggressive, high velocity sports and activities. The added open space around the bridge of the nose also enhances air circulation to dramtically reduce fogging and perspiration related issues.

FT: Focal Point Lens Technology

Focalpoint™ lens technology is a process where the thickness of a deeper base curve lens is horizontally tapered from the bridge area and becomes thinner at the outer edge of the lens near the hinge. This process eliminates prismatic distortion by shifting the pure optical sweet spot of each lens from its natural position, and places it directly in front of the eye for crisp, clear optical clarity throughout the periphal range of each lens.

VL: Vented Lens

Our active lens vents allow air to be passed directly into the lens eye area to help circulate air between the eye and the back of the lens which helps reduce fogging.

FF: Four Point Frame Fit

We pride ourselves on engineering and constructing a product that fits well and continues to fit well over the life of the sunglass. We go through a meticulous specification process which measures tip to tip distance, pin to pin distance, mid-temple distance and panoscopic angle during the development process, to ensure each frame is well balanced and has a secure and comfortable fit right off of the display.

90: TR90 Grilamid Nylon

TR90 offers a true quantum leap over all other frame materials used today. This incredibly durable and resilient nylon resin has a smooth handmade finish, and incorporates a lab tested memory feature in the resin which keeps the frame from stretching out over time. This insures that the glass always fits snug, comfortable and secure; just like the day you brought them home.

SH: Spring Temple Hinges

Our quality line-less spring hinges are durable and sleek. They provide a spring loaded fit which enhances comfort and security on our metal frames.

TC: Tactilite Rubber Components

This advanced rubber compound reduces slippage when worn, and continues to perform even when engaged in activities with a high perspiration factor.

TL: Toric Lens Technology

Our advanced TORIC lens technology creates a lens format that has two different base curves in the same lens. Our 10 x 4.5 base curve format creates a sunglass that fits the face ergonomically better than conventional lenses. It offers incredible peripheral coverage and vision, while at the same time does not crowd the face or look bug-eyed like a conventional 8 base lens format can do. This advanced technology also allows us to create larger, more fashionable frame shapes and still maintain a sleek and complimentary look and feel.