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Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Visioncorp International Inc. was founded in 1989. At its inception, the founders Nancy Prokopuk-Margolis, Brad Margolis and Mike Cooke began their eyewear adventure as Canadian distributors for two major U.S. sunglass companies.

As their business flourished and their entrepreneurial spirits grew, they decided that based on their collaborative knowledge in the sunglass industry, it was time to branch out on their own and design their own sunglass brands. This was a pivotal moment in their business careers as they were able to establish instrumental relationships with some of the leading sunglass manufacturers in the world. This enabled them to assume total creative control over all aspects of product design as well as ensure that only the highest of standards were set for product quality.

In 2004, they successfully launched the Atmosphere line of pure performance eyewear as well as the fashion based Urban Element line. They work tirelessly to uphold their simple vision which is to create the most affordable eyewear lines that rival any high end sunglass brands available in the market today. They are truly passionate about their products and are committed to setting a standard of excellence that is backed by integrity.

In 2016, Visioncorp International Inc. became the exclusive Canadian distributor of CarbonKlean products. CarbonKlean has developed a patented line of revolutionary cleaning devices for eye glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, cell phones, tablets, and computer screens. These devices, which include Peeps, SmartKlear, ScreenKlean, and Laptop Pro, utilize an eco-friendly invisible carbon technology that safely and easily removes smudges, fingerprints and dirt.

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